Certified WOF Assessors

A certified Dairy Effluent WOF assessor is an independent, experienced industry professional.

Donna McBeath (nee Corbin)

RES - Rural Environmental Solutions


Donna McBeath (nee Corbin) 
42 Charlton Road
Gore 9710
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027 890 1234
South Island
Donna McBeath from RES (Rural Environmental Solutions) is an independent consultant that is well known throughout the dairy industry and environmental field for her honest risk assessments of systems and practical solutions for both managing what you have and upgrading your system based on the risk priorities.
Donna does more than assess what is happening on the day, she will also identify what might be happening the next time the inspectors are out to mitigate any potential exposure to risk.
Donnas past roles include:
•    RDAgritech Ltd- pond design and construction
•    DairyNZ – Environmental Extension Specialist.
•    EnviroSense Ltd – contracting to Environment Southland to undertake dairy inspections, application rate tests, effluent system risk assessments, consent requirements and Regional rules, advice and as well as consulting directly to farmers.
For further information on Donna and RES please visit www.RES.kiwi.nz


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