Frequently asked questions

Questions and answers for farmers regarding the Dairy Effluent WOF programme

What is the point of getting a certified 'WOF' assessor out on my farm?

There are several reasons why you might find this valuable. A lot of farmers have upgraded their effluent systems themselves and it might be a good idea to get it thoroughly checked over as you may not be aware of all the rules that you must comply with. If buying or selling a farm it is great to get an independent person to prepare a comprehensive report then you know what is needed to upgrade. For a sharemilker moving onto a farm being able to see a ‘WOF’ report means you know what kind of system you’re taking on.


A WOF assessor will look at the farm’s complete effluent infrastructure. They will point out areas of risk and suggest practical actions a farmer can take to ensure their system is capable of being compliant 365 days a year.
Given the potential liability of a non-compliant effluent system why wouldn’t you get this done? I think it is a very good idea, particularly from a purchaser’s point of view. If I was buying a dairy unit I would get one done.
An Assessment provides a clear, independent outline of how compliant the system is today, and a roadmap of what needs to be done. It's not all negative either, the process indentifies the strengths of the existing system along with areas needing improvement.


Book an Effluent WOF with a certified WOF assessor

A certified Dairy Effluent WOF assessor is an independent, experienced industry professional.