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Synlait Milk Limited
1028 Heslerton Road, RD 13
Based in: Canterbury
Service area: Canterbury

I am working as an Environmental Advisor for Synlait Milk Limited and have 10 years’ experience in the field of environmental management and monitoring, predominantly in the dairying and water management sectors.

I have an extensive knowledge of many types of farm dairy effluent collection, treatment and dispersal systems and can offer practical friendly advice to help improve system efficiency and on farm cost effectiveness.

  • Certified Farm Environment Plan Auditor.
  • Intermediate and Advanced nutrient Management courses, as well as Farm Dairy Effluent: System design and management course through Massey University.

I enjoy face to face interactions with farmers, and working together to help them get/stay ahead of ever changing regulatory requirements as well as the challenges of farming within the limits that are now part of the farming environment.


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